I'm glad blogs are a place where personal stories of individual agunot are being told. However I kind of cringe when the point is to ask us to pray for these women. It's not that I don't believe in prayer at all, but will God really lend a helping hand if we are all passively reading (and writing) blogs and praying form our computer chairs. What can we do to make a difference?

Perhaps the internet mutes our sense that we need to act becuase we become concerned with the few cases that receive publicity though they may be far from home. We need to be linked into smaller community networks. I want to protest outside of the home of the man down the street, I want to support the woman in my neighborhood. Otherwise our concerns remain waves in the broadband or a prayer blowing in the wind.

10/31/2007 01:12:01 pm

Thanks for linking to me.

As for your characterizing us as "armchair" activists, you're dead wrong.

Many, many good things have come to happen because bloggers raised the alarm e.g UOJ, VIN news etc.

Blogging brings us closer, more connected.

"We need to be linked into smaller community networks."

Usually, blogs ARE organized based on geographical location i.e. many of my readers are in the tri-state area.

If I didn't blog, how would I know about the WSJ article, and how would I spread the word that Cohen is an animal for his actions?

Because of blogs, its harder to hide.

Thanks for commenting on blog too :) .

10/31/2007 01:13:25 pm

Ah, also added you to my links to spread the word.

10/31/2007 05:56:37 pm

I would never say we should stop blogging. I'm just not sure if it is enough. While men can't hide if the community knows about their hideous actions, the community still needs to act on what they hear. I heard one story where a man who refused his wife a get, went home to his parents shul with his new girlfriend and was given an aliyah! Everyone knew what was going on - but did nothing to ostacize him. It takes a certain amount of bravery and guts to go the next step.


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