I guess sometimes we get bored of standing outside of the Misrad Hamishpatim demonstrating on behalf of agunot, especially when the Rabbis don’t seem to notice. Recently some fashion designers in Tel Aviv made a visual statement in support of agunot, designing dresses that embody the individual pain experienced by agunot.

Mavoi Satum has also experimented with some guerilla theatre- how can one forget the grotesque effigy of a chained bride that hung above their conference in February 2006 and the photo below taken at a protest held in March 2006, which did manage to ascertain a get for one woman, who was married to a son of a Rabbinic judge.

But do these creative shows make a difference on the large scale? The Rabbanut doesn’t seem to hang out at guerrilla protests nor are they sitting next to the Tel Aviv catwalk.  Education is very important, don’t get me wrong. But what strategy will really make the Rabbanut notice, what campaign will make them hurt or actually manage to embarrass them into doing what’s right?

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