The world of Talmud though sometimes arcane and distant (especially the Aramaic parts) is actually a lot closer to home than you might think. That’s why I’m so interested in it after all.  

For example yesterdays daf speaks to the issue of making a commitment to a marriage or any project and accepting it with the joy of adventure versus starting a new venture with the fear that you will wake up the next morning regretting it.

As a teacher of mine, Rav Daniel Epstein, said today, his daughter complained on the first day of elementary school, “you didn’t tell me it would be like this.” Many forces foreign to ourselves impact us daily and shake our sense of control and ability to anticipate change. I definitely felt overwhelmed yesterday, the first day back at school, by the foreign forces dictating my schedule. A bit of independence that I had become accustomed to over the summer was snatched away. The cycle of the Daf Yomi determines what I will learn as well as the teachers- all out of the locus of my control. But I chose to be here and arcane or not will find myself even in the Daf Yomi, as the pages assert themselves upon me.

Anyway if my Hebrew and Aramaic is confusing you here is a link to a Talmud introduction. Or feel free to ask. 

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