Wednesday was Yom Ha'agunah - a day set to raise awareness about and push to solve the problem of agunot. There was a protest in Jerusalem and some press here in Israel. Sara Breger wrote in Haaretz that the Prenuptial is the only solution we have right now; while this was the official message of the ICAR rally, some of the voices I heard while marching to the Knesset were far more disheartened with the entire institution of marriage as it exits today- the reigns of power to consummate and dissolve marriage being  solely in the man's hands. Other's still pray that husbands and Rabbis will find their moral core, while the Toanot Beit Din, women who act as lawyers in the religious courts, fight day in and day out to solve each individual case that comes their way. How long will we need to have a Yom Haagunah, there is something to stable about commemorating a whole day to an issue we hope will not be here next year.

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